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Now available at the following locations: Jimbo's, Healthy Creations, Cardiff Seaside Market, and Cream of the Crop.

Please stop by one of these locations to purchase The Flavor Chef's Original Bone Broth. Each container is only $10.

Thank you for your support.

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The Flavor Chef’s Genuine Chicken Bone Broth
The Highlights: TFC bone broth uses Mary's organic free-range chicken bones and contains no gluten, additives, or preservatives.  It is chemical free and packaged in non-toxic corn based compostable containers.

Traditional Real Food: The Flavor Chef’s genuine chicken bone broth begins and is based on the trademarked principle that “Broth Is Good For You.”

Sally Fallon of the Weston A Price foundation and author of “Nourishing Traditions Cookbook," (2001) is the direct inspiration and guide for this genuine Chicken Bone Broth.  The Flavor Chef’s Bone Broth is a traditional food that is used around the globe by indigenous cultures.  Sally Fallon cleary states the power of bone broth in her article Broth is Beautiful.

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